Mutual Insurance

A Mutual Insurance Company is owned and operated by the policyholders. It is run for the exclusive benefit of the policyholders. There are no stockholders and the premiums collected are invested to pay current and future losses of the Company.

As a Missouri Mutual, the Company is domiciled to sell insurance products to only Missouri residents. Therefore, all insurance premiums collected remain in our operations to pay only the losses of Missouri neighbors and communities.

A Mutual Company is a concerned member of the area it serves. The majority of the payments policyholders make for insurance policies stay in the area, helping friends, neighbors, and the economy of the State of Missouri. Unlike many of the stock companies, the Mutual Company has a stake in the local community it serves. “Come home to Missouri–insure with your local Missouri Mutual.”

As a policyholder of a Mutual Insurance Company, you are entitled to a voice in the affairs of the Company. Directors of the Company must be policyholders themselves. Only policyholders can vote in the election of directors at the annual meeting of the Mutual Insurance Company.

The Annual Meeting of Old Missouri Mutual is held on the fourth Tuesday of January at 10:00 a.m. at a location determined by the Board of Directors.

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