Your Insurance Policy

The policy you hold with Old Missouri Mutual is a CONTRACT. It is a binding agreement between you and us in which we the Company, agree to provide benefits, reimburse losses and render services for you in return for the premium you pay for the policy.

The Application

The Application is completed by the agent when you take out a policy with our company. The application is used by the Company underwriters to process and issue your policy. It is important that you answer all of the questions on the application ethically and honestly as the company will seek specific underwriting information and reports from other insurance companies and credit bureaus to verify the information provided on the application. Upon signing the application you are verifying that the information is correct. The application becomes a part of the Insurance Policy when a policy is issued.

The Declaration Page

The Declaration Page spells out the person or persons insured, property covered, limits of coverage, deductibles, the annual policy period, mortgage/loss payee information, a listing of all the forms and endorsements attached to the policy. You will receive a declaration page when you take out a policy with our Company and each year upon the annual renewal date.

The Policy Form and Endorsements

The Policy Form contains the insuring agreement, definitions of coverage, perils insured against, coverage exclusions, conditions, and other policy provisions. Endorsements are the additional forms attached to the policy which can add coverage to the policy forms, change coverage, or exclude coverage. Endorsement forms in a sense customize the policy to fit your specific needs.

Policy Jacket

The Policy Jacket contains the name of our Company and other specific and legal information in regard to the Company. It also states the date of the Company’s Annual Meeting.

Questions About Your Policy

If you have questions about the policy issued to you by our Company, it is best that you contact your independent agency representative. You should contact your agent if you make any changes to your property, change the occupancy of the residence, purchase new personal property such as jewelry, ATV, boats, guns, etc. which may need to be specifically insured. You should review your policy annually to ensure that you are adequately protected against losses covered under the policy.