Loss Prevention & Safety

Insurance Fraud:

Insurance Fraud costs more than $20 billion dollars a year. The cost of insurance fraud does not only affect the insurance company but the consumer through higher insurance premiums being charged to cover the cost of fraudulent claims.

If you suspect that insurance fraud has occurred please contact the Missouri Department of Insurance
to file a report.

Thunderstorm & Lightning Safety:

Before the storm . . .

  • Have appropriate ground lightning rods in place on dwellings and outbuildings
  • Install surge protectors for use on all electronic devices
  • Purchase a weather radio
  • Watch for signs of approaching storms
  • Take shelter away from windows in a sturdy building.

Carbon Monoxide Safety:

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that interferes with the delivery of oxygen in the blood to the rest of the body.

Prevent the Poisoning . . .

  • Ensure that appliances are properly installed as per manufacturer instructions
  • Obtain annual inspection for heating systems, chimneys, and flues and have them cleaned
  • Make certain the furnace has an adequate intake of outside air
  • Open flues when using your fireplace
  • Use proper fuel in kerosene space heaters
  • Do not burn charcoal inside the home
  • Make certain all stoves and gas heaters are vented to the outside
  • Never leave a car or other gas-burning vehicles running in a garage or shed
  • Purchase a carbon monoxide detector

Fire Loss Prevention:

Video Your Personal Property . . .

Take time to conduct a personal property inventory. It is difficult after a fire or a tornado for homeowners to provide the insurance company with a detailed listing of their personal property possessions. Documenting what you own prior to the loss will greatly assist you and the company in the claims handling process. There are a couple of ways you can document your personal property. First, you can manually write down what is contained in each room, closet, garage, and any outbuilding. Our company has inventory booklets available for your use, simply contact your agent and we can supply you with one. This guide will contain important information, such as the purchase date and price of the items.

Another option for an inventory would be to video your personal property. Simply walk through each room, closet, garage, or outbuilding panning the camera to record all of the contents. Use the voice-over to relay details.
After taking the inventory, whether paper or video, it is important to store the tape in a safe deposit box. Remember to update the inventory every so often.